The relationship between ex-spouses is tricky and often hard to manage. While some are ready to move on from past relationships, others are so mired in anger and other negative feelings that they can’t let go, especially during a divorce. The law knows this and offers some ways of legally dealing with harassment if your ex-partner keeps harassing or intimidating you. The following are some ways to help you deal with this.

What is Harassment?

Harassment is any unwanted behavior that can cause physical and mental damage. Harassment comes in many forms, from verbal abuse to stalking to physical abuse. These are all harassment as per Californian harassment laws. If you are a victim of harassment, contact the police or your domestic violence attorney to decide what actions you may be able to take.

Should You Retaliate?

The first step in dealing with a harassing ex-spouse is to always take the high road and never get back at them. This will just make things worse, and you might even share culpability with them if the problem reaches the court. Instead, document the harassment and get a restraining order to avoid any arguments or discussions that could escalate the situation.

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Empower Yourself with Options

If your ex-spouse’s harassment continues and the restraining order doesn’t do the trick, go for other options. As additional protection, inform some trusted friends about the situation and seek legal assistance if your ex-partner is still trying to bait you into an interaction. Legal action can provide you with legal protection from further harassment and ensure that your ex-spouse faces legal consequences for their behavior.

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Reach Out To Local Support and Resources

Dealing with a harassing ex-spouse is indeed a troubling time, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to remain emotionally safe. You can reach out to a support group for people who are going through a divorce, as they can offer you practical advice and emotional support. Many local resources can be found here.

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