Family law can be a rather difficult minefield to traverse. Naturally, legal scenarios in which you’re dealing with loved ones can be rife with emotional conflict. Get too bogged down and suddenly you’re swapping out calculated legal decision making with emotional, impulsive actions. Legal situations, regardless of context, should be handled with experienced professionalism and with a tempered, analytical mindset. With this philosophy in mind, our team at Family Law Richard E. Young & Associates strives to offer our clients truly unparalleled representation.

Our team exists to lend a helping hand during all of your trying legal circumstances. We house professionals in divorce law, child support hearings, domestic violence cases, and more. Of course, we don’t narrow our services simply to family law. With restraining orders, prenuptial agreements, and bankruptcy law consultations also included in our list of specialties, clients left in our care can rest assured that their rights are being vehemently protected.

Working with our team at Family Law Richard E. Young & Associates means securing a team of seasoned legal veterans in your corner ready to fight for you. If you feel like you are in need of professional representation at the hands of one of our diligent attorneys, we encourage you to visit our website at There you can receive instruction on how to contact us for a free initial consultation.