Domestic violence is punishable by law, whether a man or a woman is targeted, and whether it’s physical, psychological, or sexual. This concerns violence committed between married and unmarried couples. However, whatever your situation, you must not remain without reaction if you are a victim, and you have to start acting to regain your reputation and rights. In this month’s blog, we’ve compiled the main steps to take in order to get your desired outcome.

Understand Domestic Violence Laws

Fights between couples are common. However, not all domestic disputes can turn violent and abusive. On the other hand, if you were seriously abused or physically harmed, or even your significant other starts throwing things, start acting without second thoughts. These are all abuses as per California domestic violence laws. Gather as much evidence as possible to support your complaint file. For instance: photographs, audio and video recordings, testimonials, medical opinions, etc.

Report to the Police

When you first meet with the police, they will write up a strong report. The report will be written based on the evidence you’ve gathered and accompanied by basic information like the date and location of the case and a summary of what happened. Nevertheless, the police will ask you more questions and will ask you for details about what happened. So be prepared and be honest!

Be Accompanied by a Specialized Lawyer and Level with Them

The recent famous trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is a case in point on how important choosing a specialized lawyer can benefit you. Choosing an experienced and specialized lawyer is a critical step to give you every chance of being well-advised and defended. He or she will provide all the answers to the questions you have and, if necessary, will represent you in court and accompany you throughout the proceedings.

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Violence between significant others is one of the most delicate cases because of the closeness and attachment between the perpetrator and the victim. The victim may find themselves confronted with ambivalent feelings, but still, domestic violence is a big no-no in any case.

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