It’s no secret that cohabitation, the practice of living with a long-term partner without being married, is a popular lifestyle choice among adults today. Most young people agree that it makes sense to live with their significant other for a period of time before plunging into the commitment of marriage. However, cohabitation still comes with its own risks and that’s why cohabitation agreements were created. Read on to learn about what they are and how they can protect you.

What is a Cohabitation Agreement?

First, let’s define what a cohabitation agreement is; it’s essentially a legal contract that’s made between an unmarried couple that’s deciding to live together. They outline things like the ownership of property and how household costs will be handled. Depending on the couple’s situation, the agreement can be highly specific or fairly loose. Similar to a prenuptial agreement, it allows both parties to walk away with their personal property should the relationship end.

Why Get One?

Now that we have an idea of what a cohabitation agreement is, we’ll outline some of the advantages to having one.

First, it helps you communicate your preferences with your partner. For example, if you insist on a tidy home, you can include terms about how chores like cleaning will be taken care of. Knowing from the get-go how you both feel about these kinds of issues can prevent future arguments and misunderstandings.

Second, you will both know the financial situation that you’re in. Many relationships have dissolved after one partner discovers that the other has debt or bad spending habits that they’ve been hiding. When drawing up your cohabitation agreement, you can see the bank statements and debts that your partner has.

Finally, having a cohabitation agreement can save you from losing personal property or assets if you separate. There will be little to no opportunity for disputes over who owns what. No one likes to think about the possibility of breaking up, but at least you will have peace of mind.


Moving in with that special someone can be both exciting and a little scary. By getting a cohabitation agreement, you can start this new chapter of your life responsibly and with reassurance for the future. Get started today by getting in touch with Family Law Richard E. Young & Associates. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you prepare for a successful life together with your significant other.