A domestic violence conviction is serious business. Your child custody, gun privileges, and ability to work in the field of childcare will be placed at risk. Issues such as these are tough, especially in the absence of tangible proof. In a great number of cases, the accused party is considered “guilty until proven innocent.”

However, representation from a reputable and experienced domestic violence attorney is the key to achieving potential success. An attorney will investigate the details of your case and lead you down the right path to your desired outcome.

Defense Strategies

Your attorney will weigh your options. If you or someone you know is accused of a criminal act, it is the task of your legal professional to analyze your options. If the accuser is able to show evidence of abuse, your team would need to determine if the incident was an attempt at self-defense or “de minimus infractions” (too minuscule to be considered a criminal act). Once the defense team settles on your chosen defense, they can begin to put a plan into action.

Working towards Change

One thing that a skilled and qualified attorney can provide is a game plan. They will guide you towards programs such as conflict resolution, anger management, and theLifestyle changes are pleasing to the court. like. Programs such as these usually please the court and show a willingness for the accused party to change. As a result, the court may show mercy and allow for a less severe penalty.


Your attorney will gather necessary evidence and documentation.A legal professional would also conduct a thorough discovery. This process includes but is not limited to a gathering of any medical records or other evidentiary support from the involved parties. Along with the collection of pertinent evidence, the legal counsel should also ask for a list of witnesses for the plaintiff and any possible photographs or video submissions.


Being accused of domestic violence does not have to spell disaster. With the right team in place, you may have a fighting chance. Though it is ideal not to have to face a situation such as this, it’s wise to obtain legal counsel if you find yourself in this position.

A licensed and knowledgeable attorney has the education and experience that you’ll need in order to reach a favorable outcome. In the face of a difficult and potentially damaging legal charge, don’t try and go it alone. Instead, call a legal team that will work hard for you. You’ll be glad you did!