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The 5 Types of Restraining Orders in California

Everyone should be afforded the most basic right of safety in their day to day routine. Unfortunately, strenuous relationships with personal or professional acquaintances can often leave many feeling like that very safety is in jeopardy. In the face of that uncertainty, restraining orders help protect you and your loved ones from those you feel to be a threat.

Of course, when it comes to securing a restraining order, knowing which ones are made available to you can help you better protect what matters most. Read on for a brief rundown of the different restraining orders California has to offer and find an attorney with experience with those kinds of cases.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Like the name implies, domestic restraining orders are reserved for victims of abuse in the home. For a relationship to be eligible for this variety of restraining order, both parties need to either be in a domestic relationship or be closely related. Some examples of these kinds of relationships include:

● Married couples
● Divorced couples
● Both current and former dating couples
● Couples with children

Contrary to popular belief, roommates aren’t eligible for a domestic restraining order.

Workplace Restraining Orders

Reserved for troublesome relationships in the workplace, employers are tasked with securing workplace restraining orders for employees they feel have their safety threatened. Whether the relationship has spurred threats, harassment, stalking, or physical violence, this restraining order is geared to address the issue.

Civil Harassment Restraining Orders

Conversely related to the domestic violence restraining order, civil harassment orders are reserved for relationships that don’t fall into the prior category. Relationships such as neighbors, friends, and family are all eligible for these sorts of restraining orders.

Dependent Abuse Restraining Orders

Abused victims over the age of 65 or those above 18 with mental or physical disabilities can be eligible for a dependent abuse restraining order if they are being physical or mentally abused. In cases like these, “abuse” can mean a variety of things including neglect, abandonment, financial abuse, or even deprivation of care from a designated caregiver.

Emergency Protective Restraining Order

In special scenarios where a victim feels like they are at immediate risk of harm or abuse, they can place a request with their local law enforcement authorities for an emergency protective restraining order. These orders a typically short and very limited in duration and must be regularly extended until a more iron-clad restraining order can be secured.


When it comes to your protection and safety, knowing what options are made available to you is essential. Always stay informed about the different kinds of restraining orders made available to you in California and leave both you and your loved ones’ safety in capable hands.

When You Need to Call on a Parental Rights Attorney

There are numerous scenarios for when you need to consider whether to hire a parental rights attorney. Whether you’re going through a divorce or challenging a party’s paternity claims, it’s for the best that you have a trusted professional you can consult with at every step of the proceedings.

With that in mind, we will run down a deeper explanation on why you should consider hiring a parental rights attorney, especially if you’re facing a legal dispute over these circumstances. With their help, you can look forward to a brighter future!

Why Are Parental Rights Important?

First things first, it’s important to define exactly what this means. Parental rights are described as a parent’s ability in a legal sense to make actions and decisions on behalf of their child or children. In other words, it’s the establishment of a legal parent, and can be applied in the cases of biological parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, and legal guardians.

There are other obligations and benefits a child has access to in association with parental rights including custody, visitation, child support orders, and more. Of course, any and all rights can vary and are dictated based on states and federal laws. This can lead to a complex web of litigation when two parents with a child or children go through a divorce, which leads us to our next topic.

When Do You Need a Parental Rights Attorney?

As we mentioned, the circumstances for when it would be in your best interests to hire a parental rights attorney typically comes down to legalities. This area of practice is used in cases such as the institution of the parents of a child, requesting the use of DNA testing to confirm parentage, challenging another person’s paternity, and other parental-related issues.

Any qualified parental rights attorney involved in the mediation process should be extra mindful to keep the children in mind at every stage. After all, any decision should come down to their health and well-being, and especially their future. That last point is an especially important reason for why it may be best to hire a third-party counsel to handle these matters.


With all the complicated decisions and confusing paperwork involved, it can be difficult to ensure your needs and the needs of the children are being met. Having a parental rights attorney in your corner who can help you through the legal process can give you the opportunity to have a clear head in a delicate situation.

Take the time to speak with a parental rights attorney – many of them offer a free initial consultation so you know what to expect and what your chances are. In the meantime, if you have any general thoughts or questions, please share them in the comments section below!

Preparing for a Child Custody Battle

Fighting for custody can be an ugly process for all that are involved. Unfortunately, disagreements over custody are all too common and something most should be prepared for. In that regard, understanding how courts determine child custody is essential.

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Why You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer

When you are practically buried in debt and there doesn’t to be an easy way out, it may be time to decide whether to file for bankruptcy. This option can put you back in control of your finances, freeing you from this situation and giving you a fresh start. So, when you are unable to pay your creditors, it will be highly beneficial hiring a bankruptcy lawyer.

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Starting the Search for Your Divorce Lawyer

No one likes planning for a divorce. The process itself is a numbing one that, depending on your circumstances, can call for a rather hefty time commitment. In the midst of such a draining process, the last thing you need to worry about is an incompetent lawyer or an attorney not able to deliver on what you expect from your divorce. With that in mind, finding a trained professional is the strongest first step you can take towards a streamlined divorce process.

Of course that’s easier said than done. Before you even begin searching for an attorney you can trust, it helps to know exactly what you’re looking for. Here are a few tips perfect for narrowing your search and saving you a few headaches in the process.

Decide Your Game Plan

create a game plan with both your spouse and attorney Many forget that divorce doesn’t always have to devolve into the messy arguments that grace our favorite drama shows. In fact, there are a few different divorce procedures, many of which don’t involve battling in court.

Take a moment to consult with yourself and your spouse and decide on how you two would like to proceed with your separation. If you plan on mediating, you’ll need a neutral third party who can meet with you and resolve the issues without further legal involvement. Others who feel litigation is necessary will need to find a lawyer capable of protecting their rights in court.

Once you know how you plan to proceed, you can then narrow your search to attorneys trained in that specific method.

Decide On the Service You Really Need

Depending on their circumstances, two people looking for a divorce could need entirely different legal services. For example, someone with a long standing marriage, children, and a complicated financial situation could require a lawyer with a little more experience dealing with things like custody, litigation, and so on. Conversely, others with a short lived marriage and no children could simply get by with a consultation.

Take stock of your situation and ask yourself if you really need legal protection or if something a little more reserved could be all that is necessary. Not only will this save you money, it can shave off quite a bit of unneeded stress from this rather bleak process.

Ask Around

Seek out advice from friends and familyStarting your search online is a sure fire way to overwhelm yourself. With so many different firms and professionals, where can you even begin? Starting with your friends and family could be a good idea!

Speak to someone you’re comfortable with about their experiences with a divorce lawyer and ask for their honest opinion. Not only does this allow you to receive an inside look at what it’s like to work with that firm, it gives you a chance to ask your most important questions before having to set up a consultation. Make a list of your biggest deal breakers as far as an attorney goes and search for any red flags when discussing them with your friend. From there, you can focus your consultations and meetings with lawyers you know pass your par of quality!


The perfect lawyer for your situation needs to be diligent, professional, and above all, well versed in working with individuals coming from backgrounds similar to your own. With enough research and self-reflection, you can save yourself from a complicated divorce and put this trial behind you fast.

Looking for a family law professional you can trust during this difficult procedure? Call on our firm’s vigorously trained staff or visit to learn more about how we can help.



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