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Types of Visitation Orders

There are many specific procedures used in family court that work to maintain a fair and safe environment for any children involved. Oftentimes judges in family courts will issue visitation orders, or rules about how and when a parent can share their time with their child’s other parent. Below we discuss the three most common visitation orders that are issued in family court.  

Supervised Visitation

This type of visitation order is typically issued when there’s a concern for the child or children’s safety or wellbeing. In this situation whenever the specified parent visits with their children they must be in the company of another adult, the other parent, or sometimes even a hired professional.

No Visitation

Judges will not issue this type of visitation order unless there is a clear and obvious threat that the children involved would be exposed to physical or emotional harm in the presence of the specified parent. Sometimes before visitation can be reinstated in this situation a person must attend counseling or complete a drug test.

Scheduled Visitation

Scheduled visitation is common among parents who are cordial enough with one another to respect a set visitation or custody schedule. These arrangements are typically predetermined and agreed upon in advance with both parties and a judge.

Final Thoughts

In family court visitation orders are the best way to ensure that any involved children are safe, nurtured, and placed in a visitation arrangement that works to give them the best chance at being the most successful.

If you or someone you know is going through a divorce with children and needs reliable representation to help with custody, visitation, child support, or any other family court matter, call on Family Law Richard E. Young & Associates in Lake Forest, CA.

Things You Need to Know About Divorce during a Pandemic

Divorce or separation during the pandemic has brought new challenges. CNN comments, “For marriages and relationships involving the usual strife, the stress of job losses, shared housing, co-parenting and health insurance worries have been exacerbated by the pandemic.” Couples that are making the decision to divorce should know about how the pandemic is currently affecting the separation process. Learn more about some of the divorce factors impacted by COVID-19.

Slower Response Time for Court Cases

As family courts are starting to re-open, there are still a backlog of cases in the system. To remedy the response time, many cases are being switched to Zoom meetings, where couples are communicating virtually instead of face to face. However, even with the technology of Zoom, many couples still cannot make a joint decision about their children attending in-person school, asset division, and other crucial aspects of a divorce. If you are needed for in-court appearances, be prepared that it might take some time.

Asset Division May Be Harder to Value

Because of the volatility of the market due to COVID-19, market-based assets such as your retirement and savings plans, might be harder to value. Even so, items are valued as the day you officially separate. However, given the circumstances of the pandemic, things might not be paid out until later. Even valuing your home, if you are choosing to buy or sell, is harder to determine because of the changing housing markets. Talk with a lawyer to get more certainty before making a big decision.

Complications with Work Stability

With multiple waves of lockdowns and restrictions, job stability has been shaky. Many people have lost their jobs and are struggling to recover, which puts more stress on spouses having to make support payments. Divorce Mag writes, “If you think you might be the one making support payments, know that if you lose your job, you may have to continue to make payments until a court agrees to lower them. And if you are the one receiving payments, know they can be cut back at any time.”

What Now?

If you need a divorce lawyer in Orange County, contact the professional attorneys at Family Law Richard E. Young & Associates. We are offering remote and internet services for your legal needs. CALL FOR A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION AT 949-951-9529 TODAY!

Remote Legal Services

The pandemic of 2020 has forced many businesses and educational institutions to operate remotely. Hiring legal services remotely will be new for most, but many lawyers and attorneys are making it work in their clients favor for optimal safety and convenience. Below we discuss some of the ways our family law firm is navigating legal services during these trying times.


Thankfully our means of communicating isn’t changing too drastically as remote communications have always been the most convenient and preferred methods of doing legal business. Our offices are open during normal business hours and accepting phone calls, faxes, email, and even internet calls when requested.

Document Sharing

Sharing documents between our offices and our clients is a huge part of how we do business. Our office has equipped itself with online programs that make document sharing and signing easy, safe, and effective. Of course we can also can share documents through fax, picture PDF’s and more!

Court Proceedings

In 2020 even operational court proceedings have moved to the internet and phone. The courthouses of Orange County Superior Court are open for limited in-person services and are allowing for remote proceedings when at all possible. It’s possible you will be required to make an appearance, but will proceed with the hearing virtually from a safe physical distance with our support.

Final Thoughts

Family Law Richard E. Young & Associates are one of the few ready to go businesses in Lake Forest, CA during the coronavirus crisis. We are committed to staying in contact with you, keeping you informed, and getting your case closed as soon as possible. File with us early to get ahead of the others when the courts officially reopen.

Challenges You Might Face During a Divorce

A divorce can be more complicated than one might think. Couples may encounter unforeseen circumstances and face situations where they have to make hard decisions. In order to be prepared for those challenges, read our blog to learn about the hardships some couples deal with during a divorce.

Emotional Instability

When one partner wants to make the marriage work and the other doesn’t, this can be emotionally draining for both people. There is heartbreak, frustration, and other emotions involved. This is why a divorce can be so complicated. It’s also difficult if the couple share a child together. This not only makes the divorce process more complex, but can have an adverse effect on the child as well.


As stated by lawyer Michael Rehab, “Each situation is unique, and some parents may thrive in a co-parenting environment while others may not be able to see the silver lining.” If a couple is having a hard time agreeing on certain terms, confrontation and fighting can happen. To move the legal process forward, a mediator or lawyer is sometimes needed to find a resolution.

Financial Burden

A main concern for couples when they are going through a divorce is finances. Going from a two-person income to a one-person income is a significant change, along with other financial adjustments such as alimony, child support, and asset division. Individuals can feel overwhelmed by certain financial requirements and turn to a lawyer for assistance.

Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t have to be alone during your divorce. The attorneys at Family Law Richard E. Young & Associates are dedicated and steadfast to move your case along, giving you reassurance and confidence knowing you’re in good hands.

We invite you to schedule a FREE consultation today.

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Comparing Corporate Bankruptcy and Personal Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a tool used by business owners and families who would otherwise never be able to escape their debts. However bankruptcy doesn’t exactly translate to mean the same thing when comparing an individual who’s filing to a corporation filing. Follow along below as we discuss how they vary and how they are alike.

Corporate Bankruptcy

Corporate bankruptcy is oftentimes a saving grace for business that struggling financially. Filing can allow corporations to get back on their feet and repay their debts rather than dissolve completely. To be in this situation a business is either in a position of liquidating some of its assets to repay its debts or is not in any way able to repay its debts.

Personal Bankruptcy

There are several reasons why someone would file for personal bankruptcy. The first is the same as above, which is that the individual has debts so great they have no chance at being able to repay them. The other is that they would be able to manage their debt, but only on a managed payment plan.

Final Thoughts

Though the term bankruptcy still has a lot of stereotypes to overcome, more and more people are realizing it for the helpful tool it is. If you or a loved one needs a reputable bankruptcy lawyer in the Lake Forest, CA community, please contact us here. The team at Family Law Richard E. Young & Associates is committed to helping you through any legal processes from bankruptcy to divorce.

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